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Terms and Conditions

1. Our Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaners are only able to wash wheelie bins that are clearly marked or numbered – Customers are requested to ensure that their bin is always marked with their house name or number.

2. Once your bin has been washed, our professional wheelie bin cleaners will attach a property number label to your bin. This helps to easily identify bins and ensures your washed bin remains at your property – we will replace these labels when necessary, please advise us if you do not want them replaced.

3. Similar to the Refuse Collection Service, our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service is a ‘Kerbside Service’, meaning customers are requested to leave their bin on their boundary after it has been emptied. Any wheelie bins washed will be returned to the kerbside or boundary, even if collected from the property. If any wheelie bins are located within the property it will be at the operative’s discretion as to whether cleaning can be carried out. If you currently have an ‘assisted collection’ arrangement with the council, please inform us and we will gladly collect and return the bin to its storage position for you.

4. We are regrettably unable to clean any wheelie bins that are contaminated with, but not exclusively, Wet Paint, Faeces, Oil, Plaster, Cement or Ash – excessive (even small) amounts can contaminate and even damage our equipment, at the bare minimum requiring the operator to empty, clean and refill before proceeding with any further cleans. In the event a bin is contaminated and cannot be cleaned, standard charges will apply; if a bin IS cleaned, resulting in the contamination of our equipment, a further charge equal to 2 standard cleans / credits will be applied.

5. Please ensure we are updated as soon as possible if any contact details should change. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that we have the correct and current contact details. Failure to do so may cause confusion and possible unwanted charges.

6. If any refuse remains in the bin after the refuse collection, or if added after the collection it will be at the operative’s discretion as to whether cleaning can be carried out. Small amounts of refuse may be removed and then replaced after cleaning where possible. If a bin is unable to be cleaned due to excessive refuse, charges or losses of bin cleaning credits may apply.

7. If your wheelie bins are going to be unavailable for cleaning on a scheduled cleaning day (e.g. Holidays), please provide at least 48 hours notice in order for us to suspend your service and avoid any losses of cleaning credits.

8. We have fixed cleaning schedules, based on local refuse collection days and times. We will notify all customers of the start date of the four-weekly cleaning schedule, thereafter the customer should ensure their bins are available for cleaning on the correct days. If you are unsure of any cleaning schedules, please contact us. Should any changes occur, we will notify the customer as soon as possible. Any bins unavailable for cleaning without prior notice may be subject to charges or loss of bin cleaning credits.

9. Our wheelie bin cleaning service operates on a 4 week cycle, and is an ongoing service until cancelled. Once all bin cleaning credits have been used, we will notify you of your renewal options but will continue the service until cancelled. If after the following clean the service has not been cancelled and no additional payments have been made, we will issue a reminder notice that your account is in arrears and again provide details of payment options. If no additional payment are made and the service is not cancelled before the next scheduled clean, we will suspend the cleaning service and take steps to recover any account arrears at the customers expense.

10. Typically, as long as the local authority is able to empty your wheelie bin we should be able to clean your wheelie bin but in the unlikely event that we are unable to clean your bin either on the same day or the following day (up until 6pm), advanced notice will be given where possible and cleaning credits will be preserved.

11. If the local authorities are unable to empty your wheelie bin because of bad weather or for other reasons outside of your control, and sub sequentially we are unable to clean your bin we will always do our best to reschedule your clean where possible or preserve your bin cleaning credit until the next scheduled clean.

12. In the event you prevent the local authorities from emptying your bin, whether due to contamination or forgetting to put the bin out, we will be unable to clean your bin – in this instance we request you contact us as soon as possible in order for us to suspend your service, if not you may be subject to charges or loss of bin cleaning credits. If we are not advised of any bins not being available to clean before arriving at your address, cleaning credits will be deducted as normal – this is due to the fact that our operators will have still travelled to your address, attempted to locate your bin and completed any associated administration work.

13. If the local authority notifies you of any change to the refuse collection please ensure that we are made aware as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in additional charges or loss of bin cleaning credits.

14. In the event of a customer relocating, credits may be transferred to the new address where possible. If it is not possible to transfer the subscription a discretionary refund of the remaining subscription fee may be arranged. Refunds will be calculated by unused credits multiplied by the subscription rate paid, less one credit administration fee. The free ‘1st clean’ offer is only eligible if further cleans are arranged and paid for within 7 days of the 1st clean – if not continuing with the service, a one-off fee is applicable.

15. We are typically closed for a period of between two and four weeks starting at the end of the last full working week before Christmas Day. Any bin cleaning credits will be preserved until the New Year where the service will continue as normal – monthly payment schedule prices throughout the year are calculated to reflect these periods, so no refunds are applicable should your bin cleaning be re-scheduled.

16. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse any subscription at our discretion without notice or reason.

17. By using our service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions please contact us within 7 days of ordering a service.

18. If paying by direct debit, please note that we use GoCardless to collect payments.

19. In the unlikely event you are a) unhappy with the level of cleaning your bin has received, or b) believe your bin has not been cleaned, we request that you notify our office in writing (email) within 24 hours of the scheduled clean. Outside of this window, we are regrettably unable to thoroughly investigate any missed or inferior cleans so unable to issue refunds and/or credits. 

20. Our Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any point without notice – please contact us for an up to date copy of our terms and conditions.