Welwyn & Hatfield Borough including Potters Bar

Welwyn & Hatfield Borough - Direct Debit

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Upgrade to our Gold Service for only £2 per clean

After we have cleaned, dried and deodorised your bin as usual, fresh smelling Citronella based natural insecticide granules are added to your bin, helping repel and kill any insects including flies, wasps and mosquitoes – A must for the Warmer months…!

This innovative product that has been designed especially for Wheelie Bins, will deter insects and break down naturally without harming you, your pets, your plants or your bin.

In addition to the bespoke Insect Repellent Granules that we’ll add to your wheelie bin, we will securely suspend a Wheelie Bin Freshener from your bin lid, ensuring your Wheelie Bin stays smelling fresh for longer

and now for the small print

Most questions can be answered using our FAQ section on our Find Out More page, but its worth noting that by using our services, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions – for more information on our terms and conditions please click on the Terms and Conditions link below or contact us. Whilst every effort will be made to clean your wheelie bins on the day they are emptied, unexpected delays may result in the clean being rescheduled for the following day; please ensure your wheelie bins are available for an extra day after being emptied. If your wheelie bin is not going to be available as scheduled, please let us know in advance – cleaning credits will be deducted and Direct Debits processed as normal for any wheelie bins not available to be cleaned, without having received 24 hours notice prior to our operator’s arrival.


All services are provided by approved, individual franchises of Wheelie Bin Cleaning UK, each exclusively covering an approved geographical area, with services not being provided by Wheelie Bin Cleaning UK directly – when booking any cleans or other services through this website or through any means of communication as provided on this website, you are entering into an agreement with the respective approved franchisee and NOT Wheelie Bin Cleaning UK. Wheelie Bin Cleaning UK does not provide any cleaning services directly, and does not enter into any agreements or contracts with customers regarding bin cleaning services.


Any communications, billing, payments, invoicing and respective services will be provided/managed directly by the franchisee and not linked with Wheelie Bin Cleaning UK in any capacity. Whilst standard Terms and Conditions can be found below, for further confirmation of a franchisee’s Terms and Conditions please contact the appropriate franchisee using the contact details on their respective area pages. Most questions can be answered using our FAQ section on our Find Out More page.

When booking a service using the links on this page, specifically for services carried out within the Welwyn and Hatfield Borough, Potters Bar or Borehamwood, you are entering into a contract with the franchisee trading as “Wheelie Bin Cleaning UK (Welwyn and Hatfield)”. You can contact the franchisee directly using the links above